Repairs & Instrument MOTs

Our service and repair services are proving to be quite popular at the moment and the summer is the ideal time to clean, restring and generally check over your instruments.  Get in touch to chat about your requirements.

  We've recently refurbished a couple of "older" violins and have brought them back into service.  We've had a steady stream of guitars to fix too, from broken machineheads to full set-ups. We've also had a few woodwind repairs and services through the shop. 

 We do most of the stringed instrument work ourselves and we are lucky enough to know a local, qualified repairer who can look after woodwind and brass instrument.

Probably the most interesting instrument that we've had in recently was a 1920's five string banjo.  It didn't have it's fifth peg on the side of the neck like modern banjos but it had a hole where the string was lead under the fretboard to the headstock.

So whatever your repair and servicing needs we should be able to help - get in touch...!

We have contacts who are able to offer the following repair services:

Brass - Repairs and servicing

Woodwind - Repairs and servicing

Piano - Tuning, refurbishment and repairs

Guitars - Repairs, restringing, tuning and set-up

Stringed Instruments -   Repairs, restringing and tuning