Our featured stringed instruments

We are are currently featuring instruments and accessories by:Hidersine, Barnes & Mullins, Falcon, and  Brunswick,

(To get more details about some of our featured instruments or reserve any of these instruments email - sales@settlemusic.co.uk

 We keep a selection of soprano Ukuleles to suit beginners (Vintage and Brunswick at circa £25 to £35) and more advanced players - SCROLL DOWN AND SEE SOME OF THEM.   We also carry an extensive range of strings and accessories for all of our stringed instruments. AND from time to time have second hand instruments for sale on behalf of our customers.

Barnes & Mullins / Brunswick


 Available by order, prices available on request. 

Stentor Student 4/4 Violin outfit 

Antoni 3/4 and 1/2 violin outfits

 Various sized Violin

 Available by order, prices available on request. 

 Pilgrim Folk Instruments

A range of 4 and 5 stringed banjos, mandolins and similar instruments including a rather nice bowl backed guitar...

 Available to order. Prices on request



- Mandola

- Banjo




 Available by order, prices available on request.