Our featured percussion

We are are currently featuring instruments and accessories by: Sonor, Dragon, Theodore, Pellwood and Shadow.

(To get more details about some of our featured instruments or reserve any of these instruments email - sales@settlemusic.co.uk)

We can get the full range of PP and Dixon Drum kits plus accessories like Evans and Paiste cymbals 



For example this PP250 kit for circa £400

 An  ‘everything you need’ drum kit from the PPDrums. The full size PP250 kit features all the essential items you need to get drumming straight away, and the specification is comprehensive for sure.

The kit comprises of:–
• 22" x 16" Bass Drum, 6 lugs per side, fold-out spurs
• Telescopic Adjustable Spurs Rubber/Spike Tips
• 13" x 11" Tom Tom, 5 lugs per side
• 12" x 10" Tom Tom, 5 lugs per side
• 14" x 5.4" Wood Snare, 6 lugs per side
• 16" x 16" Floor Tom Tom, 6 lugs per side
• Double Braced Stand, Snare, Hi-Hat and Cymbal
• Chain Driven 2-piece Bass Drum Pedal
• 1 pair 12" Hi-Hat Cymbals
• 1 x 14" Crash Cymbal
• 1 x Double Braced Drum Stool
• Memory Locks
• Drum Key, Sticks and instruction Manual


We also have a variety of other drums, sticks, beaters and small percussion instruments available including:

  • Cojons
  • Bohdrans of various sizes
  • Tambourines (open and skinned)
  • Bongos
  • Sticks (various weights)
  • Brushes (various)
  • Claves
  • Cowbells
  • Castenets
  • Triangles

We can also get a range of drum kits including Dixon. 

PP Percussion

Wave Drum£25.99 

 PP Percussion

 Cojonfrom £89.50 

circa £50